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About Me

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor working with many different issues including personality disorder, abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, adoption and autism. I have a specific interest is in working with adoption issues and I did my masters research dissertation on adoption and loss.

I am an accredited member of UKCP and UPCA. I have full professional indemnity insurance and am regularly supervised. I follow my accrediting body the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapist (UKCP) Code of Ethics.

I studied for four years at the University of Oxford gaining a Masters level in Psychodynamic Practice.

Post Qualification
Metalization Based Treatment (MBT) - Anna Freud Centre in London.
MBT is an acknowledged way of working with personality disorder, as well as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) - Anna Freud Centre in London
Psychodynamic therapy over 16 sessions. Treatment for moderate depression and anxiety. Research shows it is significantly more effective than CBT one-year post-treatment.

Couple and Relationship Therapy Training - Tavistock Institute (Relationships) in London.

EMDR - Trauma Treatment - (Fully Trained). EMDR is a highly researched therapy for the treatment of trauma, both small and large and for ongoing PTSD. EMDR for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Trauma.

OFSTED registered Adoption therapists through Barnardo's Link.

Attachment-Focused Therapy - through Barnardo's Link.

Previous Career History
My journey to becoming a therapist started much differently. For years, I worked as a print journalist and television producer, captivated by the human stories I encountered every day. My skills in active listening and uncovering hidden narratives translated seamlessly into therapy, where I now support individuals in expressing their own stories and finding meaning within them. Through my work, I witnessed firsthand the power of understanding and connection in overcoming challenges, and that became my ultimate passion. Today, I utilize my diverse background to create a safe and supportive space where you can explore your experiences, uncover your strengths, and embark on your path to personal growth.

Professional Qualifications

My commitment to providing evidence-based therapy is grounded in my rigorous academic training at the University of Oxford. My Master's in Psychodynamic Practice provided me with a deep understanding of the unconscious mind and its influence on behavior, while my Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Practice honed my clinical skills and therapeutic techniques. I am also a fully qualified and registered with UKCP, holding a DBS clearance and additional certifications in EMDR therapy. This comprehensive background allows me to offer a tailored and effective approach to support you on your journey of personal growth.

University of Oxford
Masters in Psychodynamic Practice

University of Oxford
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Practice

Univeristy of Oxford
Postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling

Further Professional Training

Metalization Based Treatment (MBT)
Anna Freud Centre, London - NHS treatment geneally used for to help those with Personality Disorder

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)
Anna Freud Centre, London - Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy (Nice guideline therapy for NHS IAPT services)
(This is the first line of therapy offered by the NHS along with CBT and Counselling for Depression)


UKCP - UK Council for Psychotherapy

UPCA - Accredited Member of Universities Psycotherapy and Counselling Association,

Professional Positions

Surrey and Borders NHS Psychotherapist & MBT


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