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Psychotherapy & Counselling - Weybridge & Walton on Thames, Surrey

Welcome to Catherine Clouse Psychotherapy & Counselling, a safe and confidential space where you can explore personal challenges and cultivate emotional well-being. Located in Walton & Weybridge, Surrey, I offer both in-person and online therapy sessions tailored to your individual needs.

A Dedicated Therapist with Extensive Experience:

As a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist with a Master's degree from the University of Oxford, I bring years of experience and diverse expertise to my practice. Whether you're navigating anxiety, relationship issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other life transitions, I'm here to provide empathetic support and evidence-based guidance.

Specialties I Can Help You With:

  • Eating disorders: Develop healthier eating patterns and body image with compassionate, non-judgmental support.
  • Adoption: Explore the unique challenges and rewards of adoption for individuals and families.
  • Relationship issues: Strengthen communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution within your relationships.
  • Couples therapy: Address challenges together and deepen your connection as a couple.
  • Autism: Gain practical strategies and emotional support for coping with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Domestic and family abuse: Heal from traumatic experiences and rebuild healthy relationships.
  • Personality disorders (EUPD): Develop coping mechanisms and improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Process trauma and manage its effects on your life.

Executive Support for Professional Well-being:

I also offer specialized therapy for executives facing workplace stress, seeking career clarity, or desiring to reflect on their business practices.

Your Journey Begins Here:

My practice in Walton/Weybridge offers a convenient and welcoming environment, easily accessible with onsite parking and close to public transport. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or the flexibility of online therapy via Zoom or Teams, I'm here to meet your needs.

Ready to take the first step? Contact me for a confidential consultation.

What is psychotherapy and counselling?

Psychotherapy and counselling, often called talk therapy, offer a safe and supportive space where you can openly discuss the challenges that feel difficult to manage on your own. This is not about finding instant answers, but rather embarking on a collaborative journey of self-discovery. Through conversation and exploration, we can gain insights, develop coping mechanisms, and tap into your inner resources. This journey can lead to personal growth, increased self-awareness, and improved relationships with yourself and others.

What does it entail?


Therapy is a journey of personal growth, and I typically see clients weekly for 50-minute sessions. Together, we explore the root causes of your difficulties and develop effective strategies for managing them. Whether you're seeking short-term support for a specific issue or long-term guidance for deeper personal growth, I tailor therapy to your unique needs and goals. We can meet in my comfortable practice in Walton-on-Thames/Weybridge or online via Zoom or Teams.

If you're struggling with trauma or PTSD, I offer EMDR, a powerful evidence-based therapy that can significantly accelerate healing. During a consultation, we can discuss your needs and explore whether EMDR might be a good fit for you.

I also specialize in treating eating disorders using EMDR and Focal Psychodynamic Therapy. This integrated approach helps individuals understand the underlying factors contributing to their eating patterns and develop healthier relationships with food and their body. To learn more about my work with eating disorders, please visit my dedicated page.

How do I know if it is right for me?

Feeling lost, anxious, or stuck? You're not alone. People from all walks of life seek therapy for a variety of reasons: navigating major life transitions, overcoming past trauma, improving relationships, or simply wanting to understand themselves better. Whether you're facing a specific issue like anxiety or an eating disorder, or you're feeling overwhelmed by life's uncertainties, therapy can provide a safe and supportive space to explore your emotions, gain clarity, and develop the tools to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

How do I start the process?

Taking the first step towards change can feel scary, but it doesn't have to be alone. My priority is to create a safe and supportive space where you can feel comfortable opening up and exploring your concerns. Scheduling a confidential phone call is a simple yet powerful step. We can discuss your hopes and anxieties, answer your questions, and explore if working together feels like the right fit. If it does, we can then schedule an initial face-to-face session at my practice in Walton-on-Thames/Weybridge, Surrey. During this session, we'll collaboratively explore whether psychotherapy or counselling would be most beneficial, define your goals for therapy, and discuss the potential duration. Ultimately, this is also your opportunity to see if you feel comfortable working with me and confident in taking your first steps towards healing and growth.

Counselling and psychotherapy?

Finding the Right Fit: Counselling or Psychotherapy?

After our initial consultation, we'll work together to determine which approach best suits your needs and goals. Counselling offers a structured framework for tackling specific challenges, like managing anxiety or improving communication in a relationship. We'd meet regularly for a defined period to work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, dives deeper into understanding the root causes of your struggles. It's a flexible journey of self-discovery, exploring how past experiences and unconscious patterns influence your present. Here, we'd meet weekly over a longer timeframe to cultivate lasting personal growth and self-awareness.

Depending on your situation, EMDR therapy might be a powerful tool to process trauma or deeply ingrained emotional blocks. We can explore if it could be a valuable addition to your journey, whether in counselling or psychotherapy.

Exploring Your Inner World: How I Work with You

I believe our early experiences, even if unconscious, can influence how we think, feel, and behave in the present. As your therapist, I gently guide you in exploring these connections, helping you understand your unique patterns and make sense of your thoughts and emotions.

My approach is personalized and collaborative. I draw on various techniques, including active listening, open-ended questions, and dream analysis, to tailor-fit a therapeutic plan that best supports your needs. My aim is to create a safe and confidential space where you can feel comfortable sharing your most private feelings and thoughts without judgment.

Through this exploration, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and make choices that align with your values. It takes courage to embark on this journey, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. My hope is that by connecting you to a more conscious sense of self, you can lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.


My practice room is close to Walton on Thames and Weybridge in Surrey. It is within easy distance of Weybridge and Walton on Thames High Streets. A two minute drive from Walton on Thames station and Weybridge train stations. If you are seeking Adoption Counseling Surrey area please do look at the adoption page for further information.

Adoption Focused Therapy

Navigating the complexities of adoption?

As an experienced adoption therapist and Barnardos-accredited counsellor, I understand the unique emotions and challenges that come with adoption for individuals, couples, and families. Whether you're an adoptee searching for identity and belonging, a parent facing unexpected anxieties, or a family preparing for your new arrival, I can offer expert support tailored to your specific needs.

I offer individual adoption therapy to help adoptees explore their feelings, understand their story, and build self-confidence. For parents, I provide individual support for processing adoption-related trauma and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Additionally, I offer attachment-focused family therapy to strengthen bonds, navigate new dynamics, and foster a happy and healthy family environment.

Therapy can be held at my convenient location in Walton on Thames/Weybridge or in the comfort of your own home within Surrey and surrounding areas. I'm passionate about supporting families on their adoption journey, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

If you are interested in exploring issues that you might have around Adoption please visit the section looking at adoption for more detailed information. I have a full DBS certificate and OFSTED accreditation through Barnardos to carry out adoption counselling.


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